Process Groups

Frustrated you're often shy? Scared about conflict or asking for what you need? Feel alone even when you're surrounded by others?

Our lives are defined by the quality of our relationships. If you struggle to feel connected to others, wish your relationships were different, or are confused about why things go wrong when you try to connect, group is the perfect opportunity experience behaving differently in a supportive, caring environment.

Group therapy is often described as a social laboratory in which group members can try out new ways of being with each other, and get feedback and guidance about how they come across. It's a powerful way to learn about who we are in relationships and how that impacts how we feel about ourselves – it's the best kept secret in the the therapy world, in my opinion.  While it can sound intimidating, most people are surprised to find how warm, funny, supportive, and effective group therapy is. If you're interested in learning how to develop deep, fulfilling, authentic, and honest relationships, group therapy is exactly what you're looking for.

If this sounds interesting, give me a call and we'll talk more about it to see if it feels right for you.

I currently run two mixed gender groups.

  • Monday Evenings: 5:30 – 7 PM. Group is currently full.

  • Wednesday Evenings: 6:00 – 7:30. Group currently has an opening for 1 woman and two men.