I am Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY26754) working in San Francisco. I received my doctorate from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. Prior to my work in private practice, I was the Associate Director of The Wright Institute Recovery Clinic (a community mental health clinic specializing in helping people recover from addiction) and an adjunct faculty at The Wright Institute.

I provide trainings to organizations and clinicians on working with addiction, the therapeutic relationship, and mindfulness in therapy. I've provided trainings to Chowchilla Correctional Facilities, Options Recovery Services, Fort Leavenworth's Veteran's Affairs, the University of Kansas and others.

As part of my doctoral training I've worked as a therapist in a wide variety of settings, including a High School, The Berkeley Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies Clinic, and the UCSF Alliance Health Project/UCSF AIDS Health Project. My internship was done at The University of Kansas where I worked with students, conducted outreach, and ran group therapy. I completed my post-doctoral work training therapists and working with clients at The Wright Institute Recovery Clinic. I've participated in research in therapy effectiveness and how therapists learn to do therapy well. Prior to my doctoral work, I worked as a substance abuse counselor at Boston Medical Center.

I'm a life-long seeker and believer in people's potential to change and live a better life. In my travels looking for growth, I've participated in my own therapy, experienced a wide variety of different religious and spiritual practices, and spent over 40 days in mediation retreats. I'm a fan of getting lost in the forest, Zen, Marc Maron's WTF podcast, and all things Sci-Fi.